Therapies Offered By Mind Shine

Mind Shine, LLC TMS treatment Raleigh, N
Transcranial Magnetic
Stimulation (TMS)

TMS therapy has a unique approach as an antidepressant.  First, it is not a drug, nor does it have the same side effects associated with drugs.  TMS uses a pulsed magnetic field to activate brain cells that are underactive and thought to be the cause of depression. This approach to treating depression is scientifically sound. TMS therapy has been administered over 1 million times since FDA clearance in 2008. TMS takes typically 3 to 6 weeks to begin to relieve depression.  It is administered daily and generally takes about 15 to 30 minutes per session.  It is important to note that TMS Therapy is NOT Electroconvulsive Therapy and does NOT have the side effects associated with ECT. 

Mind Shine, LLC TMS treatment Raleigh, N
Naltrexone/Vivitrol Treatment

Mind Shine offers Naltrexone, sold under the brand names ReVia and Vivitrol among others, is a medication primarily used to manage alcohol or opioid dependence.


An opioid-dependent person should not receive naltrexone before detoxification.  It is taken by mouth. Effects begin within 30 minutes. (Mind Shine does not offer the injections)  A decreased desire for opioids, though, may take a few weeks.

Mind Shine, LLC TMS treatment Raleigh, N
Medication Management

Mind Shine offers medication management for diagnoses such as Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar disorder, Insomnia and many more.

What makes our company unique is that you can just use your cell phone or computer to virtually talk to a doctor and receive your prescriptions!

Mind Shine uses a confidential Hippa compliant platform called "Lifesize cloud".

Mind Shine, LLC TMS Therapy and Mental H
Individual & Family Therapy

Mind Shine offers individual and family outpatient therapy for those diagnosed with mental health and/or substance abuse disorders.


You can just download the "Lifesize" app on your cell phone or computer and talk to your mental health counselor or substance abuse counselor.


Get help in the privacy of your own home!

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Outpatient Therapy Children and Teens Mi

Child & Adolescent Therapy Services

We offer outpatient therapy, assessments, diagnosis, psychiatry, medication management, and counseling services to children  & adolescents with mental health and substance abuse disorders. 


Also included in our outpatient therapy services for children and teens is the positive parenting or

Triple-P program for parents with children who are defiant, or have difficulties following directions.


One of our bi-lingual therapists will go to the parents home to train the parent, as well as offer counseling to the family. 


We offer Suboxone Therapy for Opiod addiction to patients in the convenience of their own home using our Hippa compliant Telemedicine platform.

We also offer online counseling services in North Carolina and Florida via our Telemedicine platform allowing the patient to receive the help they need in the comfort of their own homes.

Telemedicine Therapy Mind Shine, LLC Ral