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TMS Therapy, Natural Treatment for Depression in Raleigh ,NC

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Mind Shine is a mental health clinic located at 1631 Midtown Place, Suite 104 Raleigh, NC 27609 that specializes in TMS therapy for adults, while also offering other mental health treatment options for adolescents, families, adults and children.


TMS (short for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), is an FDA cleared, non-invasive therapy that offers relief for adults with major depressive disorders.

It is a safe alternative to medication as it provides relief for resistant adult depression where medications fail.

A TMS patient may also continue taking their medications prescribed by a psychiatrist while receiving TMS treatments.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation works as an anti-depressant by the use of pulsed magnetic fields that activate brain cells that are under active, and thought to be the cause of depression.

This therapy is scientifically sound, clinically tested for adults, and has been administered successfully at least 1 million times since its clearance by the FDA in 2008.

The brain cell (called a neuron) communicates through chemical and electrical messengers such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin.

These are the same messengers that antidepressant medications target to relieve depression.

This means that neuronal activity can be improved either chemically by medications, or electrically by TMS therapy offered at Mindshine.


TMS therapy is NOT a drug, nor does it have the same side effects as drugs do.

It is also NOT a form of a ECT (or Electrocompulsive therapy), and studies have shown that TMS is actually much more effective than ECT with very few adverse side effects.


TMS takes typically 3 to 6 weeks to begin to relieve depression.

A full series of TMS treatments consists of 30 to 36 treatments.

During a single TMS procedure, a coil connected to a pulse generator is gently placed on the scalp to allow you to receive the treatment.

There is NO pain at all during the procedure.

It is administered daily, and generally takes about 30 minutes per session.

TMS requires NO anesthesia or sedation, and the patient remains awake during each treatment.

TMS therapy patients may return to work and resume their normal activities immediately after each treatment.

Again, It is important to note that TMS Therapy is NOT Electroconvulsive Therapy, and does NOT have the side effects associated with ECT.


Many government health insurance companies such as Medicare, and Medicaid have approved TMS therapy for adults.

Private insurance companies such as United Healthcare, group insurance companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Military Insurance companies such as Tri-Care have approved their members to receive TMS therapy also.

Please call Mind Shine, LLC at (919) 366-4073 if you or a loved one needs the help our mental health center can provide with our TMS therapy for adults, or other mental health services for both adults and children.

To schedule an appointment online or find out more information about TMS and other mental health services we can provide you, please visit Mind Shine LLC at www.mindshinetms.com

Our mental health centers' address is 1631 Midtown Place, Suite 104 Raleigh, NC 27609.