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Mind Shine Offers Video Therapy for California's Opioid Dependent Patients

Mind Shine LLC is offering state-wide suboxone therapy for opioid dependent patients in California, through video therapy.

This therapy is also offered in the states of North Carolina, Utah, and Florida.

Mind Shine offers drug testing via telemedicine. Our new technology drug testing allows the patient to complete the specimen using an oral swab, during the virtual psychiatry appointment.

The patient is drug tested once a month. All drug tests will be mailed to the patient’s home.

Mind Shine offers telemedicine counseling via online video sessions.

All patients receiving suboxone will be assigned a counselor. Patients would simply click on a link sent to their emails and see their doctor and counselor for appointments.

According to the Urban institute in 2018 In 2016, an estimated 5.6 percent of people ages 12 years and older (862 people) misused opioids in Inyo, and 1.0 percent of people (156 people) had an opioid use disorder (OUD),a defined as opioid abuse or dependence.

Approximately one-fifth of those who misuse opioids have an OUD. •

The county had 3 opioid overdose deaths in 2016. • There are 58 to 98 people with OUD in the county without local access to opioid agonist treatment.

Humboldt County California alone has a large population of opioid addiction. This population includes many homeless that need help.

There are many cases of opioid overdose in . The opioid overdose death rate is five times higher in Humboldt County, than the California state average.

Mind Shine cares about the opioid epidemic and would like to help those that suffer. Please don’t’ wait until its too late to get help that is just a “click” away in the privacy of you own home.


Mind Shine, LLC is a mental health center that specializes in TMS Therapy in Raleigh, NC.

We also offer other mental health treatment options for patients such as outpatient therapy, substance abuse counseling, teletherapy, and psychiatric medication management for adolescents, families, adults and children.

We now offer opioid addiction counseling in North Carolina, California, Utah, and Florida, .


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