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History of Mind Shine

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Mind Shine, LLC is the vision of Sabriya Sharif-Hanifa, founder, and managing director.  


The seed for this vision began while attending college.


While in clinical training, Sabriya saw the impacts of Major Depression and vowed to one day open a behavioral health practice that would provide alternative treatments with compassion and empathy in collaboration with healthcare colleagues.


In July 2017, her dream became a reality as Mind Shine was founded.  


At Mind Shine, patient care is the focus, and patient recovery is the target. We strive for the remission of symptoms.

Mind Shine, LLC offers TMS therapy in Raleigh, NC as well as other mental health treatment options  for adolescents, families, adults and children.


Giving you the best provider for the best care

Mind Shine, LLC TMS treatment Raleigh, N
Sabriya Sharif-Hanifa
Founder & Medical Director 
Mind Shine, LLC TMS treatment Raleigh, N
Aqila Sharif-Hanifa
Vice President & COO